Miss Universe 2011 new scandal

Miss Universe 2011 new scandal: Miss India’s national costume stuck at Brazilian customs? - Mundial Beauties' solutions to solve this problem

There are no photos of Miss India in her national costume, which might be explained on her tweeter (see above). If this is true, it’s really shameful for the Brazilian customs and responsible authorities. A first in Miss Universe history??

Yesterday, Miss India was unable to be recorded on the parade of nations wearing her national costume. We feel sorry for Miss India and hope this matter will be solved…


It will be a shame if 88 contestants have their national costume presentation and leave Miss India alone. Remember, India is a great country and its culture is very influential in many countries in South Asia; Southeast Asia (Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand); as well as Mauritius or Réunion in the Indian Oceania; as far as Fiji (South Pacific); even Guyana, Suriname or Trinidad & Tobago (up to 20% of the populations of these American countries are Hindus and of Indian descent).

If Miss India doesn't have her national costume for the presentation recording. Here are my solutions to solve Miss India's problem. Vasuki Sunkavalli can borrows sari of Miss Singapore or Miss Sri Lanka, but I prefer the Singaporean one. The red feather head-wear of Miss Trinidad & Tobago. Those things are just basics to make Vasuki looks like "The Lady in Red" (a song of Chris de Burgh). She needs some accessories, Miss Ireland's knives can be a good choice. There is no time to be wasted, so hurry up! Good luck to Miss India - Vasuki Sunkavalli

Miss Singapore's sari

Miss Trinidad & Tobago's head-wear

Miss Ireland's knives

Just my experience for spending hours to reading books of culture, geography, history everyday (I am a bookworm. LOL!) and played editions of Jojo's Fashion Show in spare-time.

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