Damn You Skinny Alert™: Hollywood's extreme diets

Publication: OK!

Date: 5 September 2011

A quick scan of the label list shows that Damn You Skinny™ stories are more than twice as common as Damn You Fat™ stories, roughly as common as Bun In The Oven Alerts™. OK! has three women on the cover this week, Gwyneth Paltrow, LeAnn Rimes and Angelina Jolie, with a passel of headlines that aren't connected to specific people, hoping to get someone to open the magazine and read it. In my case, as usual, this clever plan did not work.

Here are the headlines.

  • Hollywood's most extreme diets
  • Exercising at midnight
  • Eating only baby food
  • 190 calories per meal
  • Who's being healthy and who's in danger!

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