Bells Done Rung™: The Kim Kardashian wedding stories.

Publications: People, In Touch, Weekly Life & Style, Us Weekly, OK!, Star

Date: 5 Sept. 2011

Fresh trash on Thursdays! The Only Ten Magazines That Matter treated the wedding of Kim Kardashian as a Big Damn Deal this week, with slightly less coverage than the Royal Wedding this spring, but more coverage than Chelsea Clinton last year.

Behold the power of reality TV.

Here are the headlines.

  • People: Kim's wedding album

    The exclusive photos!

    only in People

    Gown! Guests! Glamour!

    Every delicious detail!
  • In Touch: Kim's $400,000 wedding gift
  • Weekly Life & Style: Kim's wedding album

    the ring, the dresses and that 7-foot cake
  • Us Weekly: Kim's wedding

    fairy tale or fake?

    Inside her lavish $17 million I do's
  • OK!: Kim's Fairy-tale wedding
  • Star: Kim's wild wedding

    drunk stars and a shocking twist - only in Star
It's not surprising that Star would find a negative angle, but it is a little surprising that Us Weekly goes nasty, too. While I get the feeling there is some Kardashian backlash going on, the next logical step in the story is the pregnancy watch, and the gossip rags cannot help themselves when it comes to speculation about babies.

I don't think Kim is going away just yet. The rest of the Kardashian clan may be waning, but she has set herself up perfectly for the modern gossip industry.

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